A Man and his shopping list

Never send your husbands to the grocery store hungry….

I woke up Brandon and asked him to go to Stop and Shop to get Soy Milk and coffee creamer. He woke up, brushed his teeth, put on his jeans and went off! What a man!! 😍

10 minutes go by….

20 minutes go by…

I finally call him.

“Babe, are you almost home?”

“Yeah. I just left. I should be home in like 3 minutes.”

A few minutes go by and I finally hear the familiar alarm of Brandon locking his car. I hear the front door open, I hear him walking up the steps, and then I finally see the living room door swing open. In walks my husband, about 8 grocery bags deep!!!


“I thought you were just grabbing soy milk and creamer.”

His response?

“I figured I would just grab a few things while I was there.”

We start unbagging all the groceries he purchased. The trip that was originally for milk and creamer turned into:

🥛 soy milk
☕️ creamer
🥖 a loaf of spanish bread
🥖 TWO packages of bagels
🧀shredded cheese
🥔TWO bags of chips
🥤THREE two liter sodas
🍪 TWO packs of Oreos
🌾 A family Box of Ritz Crackers
☕️ a package of Starbucks Coffee
🍛 TWO cans of Pigeon Peas
🍛 A Box of Sazón

And he said he had to go back because he forgot the cream cheese for the bagels!!!

🧀cream cheese

I’m afraid to look at the receipt… he didn’t take coupons with him and I’m 💯 percent positive he didn’t load any to my Stop and Shop Card. #CouponersWorstNightmare#NoCouponsWereHarmedInTheMakingOfThisPost
#JustBeingGratefulForHisIntention #LoveMyHusband

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