It’s Bath Time!

Why is my toddler crying?

Well, let me tell you.

Brandon went to run a bath for Penny. He calls us over because the tub was ready.

“Penny, you want to take a bath?”

“Yeah!” She yells as she runs towards the bathroom.

I undress her and we look at the tub. Daddy used a crayola kids bath bomb to turn her bathwater pink! Yay!! A pink bath!! Yeah… Nope 👎🏼

More like a big NOPE 👎🏼

I pop her in and she just stands there with her feet in water. She turns her cute little face towards me. I watch her face transform. “Mooooommmmmmmm!” And tears of disgust/betrayal begin to run down her face.

Daddy says “I thought it would be fun! Just wanted to make bath time extra fun today!”

I tried to convince her that it is okay. Nope.

“Baby, it’s just pink water. It’s okay to play in! I promise.”


The tears continue. I finally pick her up and this brings me to writing this story. Here we are. Sitting on the toilet with my toddler wrapped in a towel while we watch her pink bathwater disappear before running a new color-less bath.


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