So you think you’re ready for a child?

You think you’re ready for a child?

Please consider that your Beautiful child will one day have watery diarrhea that will blow out of her diaper every way possible…

That diarrhea will, in fact, get on all of her clothes.

Since you were holding your sweet child while she was erupting the nightmarish butt water, the sleeve of your sweater from NY & CO will now be soiled.

Please remember that this explosive toddler diarrhea won’t happen in the comfort of your home.

The explosive toddler diarrhea will happen when you are shopping in the mall, on the busiest weekend- The weekend before Christmas.

When considering having a child, remember that children erupt sometimes. Even the cutest little ones erupt in scary ways…

If you are ready to handle this, you are ready for parenthood…

Picture of my cute little one just moments prior to the eruption that nightmares are made of.


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