Something about lemons and mattresses…

You all have heard the whole “When life give you lemons” saying, right?

Well… sometime this morning while I’m cleaning my home, Penny decided she wanted to help and spilled hand soap on MY bed.

But not just normal hand soap…

Please keep in mind that I am a penny pincher… the hand soap that seeped through my bed sheets onto my pillow top mattress was slightly WATERED DOWN hand soap because I wanted to stretch what was left before opening a new one.

It was watered down hand soap that created a soapy, but well fragrant mess that I now have to clean up. Because it’s watered down, my mattress did, in fact, absorb all of it!

Now back to the lemons thing… Life spilled hand soap on my bed… perfect opportunity to go on Pinterest and look up how to clean your mattress and clean the whole thing!

Lemons=lemonade and hand soap=clean mattress

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