Tips on Cutting Your Grocery Budget

Do you spend too much on your groceries?


I use to take my grocery budget with a grain of salt! It was something that was more of an idea and not an actual rule.

Well, having a baby changes more than you think! After Penny was born, I took a long hard look at my budget and started scrutinizing all my expenses. I cut costs EVERYWHERE! Yes… that meant my grocery “budget” too.

Here are some tips on how I managed to stretch my grocery allowance and how I managed to stick with it!

money-sign-209x300  Bring CASH and leave your cards at home

Since I always had a problem staying under budget, I decided that I was going to  make staying under budget my ONLY option. I could either stay beneath my allowance or be forced to have the cashier remove some items from my grocery haul. I’ll be honest, there have been a couple times where I had to rummage through my purse for any cash because I went over by some spare change.

money-sign-209x300 Sign up for the free store loyalty cards

Scanning these cards when you check out give you access to sale prices that are only available to other Loyalty Card holders.

money-sign-209x300 Download the apps for the stores that you frequent.

Most grocery chains have coupons that you can load to your Store loyalty card. You will probably need to create an online account and link your loyalty card before the first use. Many times, I have been given exclusive Load2Card deals that are not available without the app.

money-sign-209x300 MAKE A LIST and stick to it!

In order to buy what you need and stay within budget, you should really plan out what you need. For some, that means planning out meals for the week. For me, this means I look through my pantry and fridge, find ingredients that I already have, and just get what I need to complete meals with what I already have. Make sure that if you like to eat snacks, drink certain beverages, or buy certain items (even if purchased regularly) – you need to add them to the list.

money-sign-209x300 Consider off-brand items

If after the first few tips I gave, you still can’t manage to get your groceries to fall beneath the amount you want – consider different brands of the items you purchase. If you always purchase Brand A but it is rarely on sale, consider another brand that is normally less expensive. If you absolutely do not want to buy off-brand, when Brand A is on sale, STOCK UP! ( more-so if it has a long shelf life)

money-sign-209x300 Limit how often you run to the grocery store

I try to go to the grocery store once a week OR LESS! If I do not need anything and can manage to cook with the food available at home, I will skip the trip all together. The more you stop into the store, the more you spend. Be serious, can you REALLY go and leave with just ONE item? More than likely, you are grabbing an extra item or two which results in you spending more money! $$$


There you have it! These few tips should help you considerably cut down your grocery spending. Please comment and let me know how you do or if you have any other tips. I coupon for many of my grocery items and household items, but I’ll save that for a different post.

There are also plenty of other ways to save money, but these should get you going in the right direction. Take control of your money! Don’t let it control you!

Good planning and hard work lead to prosperity, but hasty shortcuts lead to poverty. (Proverbs 21:5)

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