Magically Delicious…

Before I write anything else, I have to ask:

Everyone loves the marshmallows from Lucky Charms, right?

I mean… scrap the rest of it and serve me a bowl of marshmallows!

Penny believes the aforementioned statement to be 100% accurate! So much so that she managed to trick her dad into letting her eat just Lucky Charms Marshmallows!

Want to know how? The power of being Daddy’s Princess. That’s how!


Since I was out for the night, this is Daddy’s account of what happened:

Daddy and princess Penny were home alone for the evening. Princess Penny walks over to her dad holding the cereal bag in one hand and the empty box in another. Since Daddy was cleaning up around the house, he assumed she was helping.

“Thank You baby! Good job helping!”

He grabs the cereal and box and begins to put them away. Princess Penny whines.

“Did you want the cereal?”


Daddy hands over the entire open box of Lucky Charms over to the 2 year old Princess.

She walks away with it and Daddy is none the wiser. He continues cleaning. He noticed she was quiet and he walks around looking for the princess.

He turns into Mommy and Daddy’s room and finds Princess Penny. But that’s not all he finds.

Scattered throughout the room was the entire box of Lucky Charms. All over the bed spread, floor, laptop, dresser… EVERYWHERE!

He takes a big sigh and goes to get the broom. The princess realizes her daddy’s defeat and grabs the small princess-sized broom and “helps” clean the mess.

A few moments go by and you wouldn’t even be able to tell that there was an explosion of Lucky Charms in the room.

I arrive home and Daddy tells me all about the eventful night. He then shows me a picture of our bedroom before he cleaned it up. He tells me the story. I laugh and laugh.

“Hun, didn’t you notice? There’s no marshmallows in the picture you showed me.”

He grabbed his phone from my hand and took a good look. I could see by the look on his face that I just helped him realize that the dear sweet princess ate every single marshmallow in the entire box before scattering the rest throughout our bedroom.

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