Admit your mistakes!

So let me tell you a story…,

I took a class at my gym a couple weeks ago and enjoyed it because it pushed me to do better. This morning I decided that I would go again today.

I got to the gym after work and was greeted by a different trainer asking if I was here for the 5:45pm class. I nodded. He introduced himself and we talked a little. As we were talking I kept wondering where the other trainer was but I didn’t think too hard. No worries. Maybe he is having this guy train today.

A couple other students arrive. Only 3 of us?!? But last time there were like 10… where is everyone???

We start walking and the trainer explains some of what he has planned today.


Hmmm… this doesn’t sound right.

Then the other student, let’s call her Mrs Beast, tells me she is happy I joined this class. It’s tough but I could just modify some.

Now I am more confused.

“How hard is this? Enough to make me cry after…. hehehe” (I tend to use humor as a defense)

“You will probably cry in the middle of it! Hahahah! Sometimes, I do!”

Ummm… what?!?

The trainer starts to explain the warm up…

😱 I realize I’m in the wrong class!!! I joined the super duper muscular beast mode class! (Not the actual name of the class)

Crap! 🤭

How do I leave??!!! I can’t! 😫

They have all seen me. It’s easy to escape when there’s a big crowd. It’s not that easy when there’s only 3 students.

He has us start warming up…

Half way into the warm up I realize I made a huge mistake!! Mrs Beast must have noticed the look on my face. She looks over at me, smiles really big, and says “Our warm up isn’t over yet!”


I’VE MADE A MISTAKE!!!! God help me escape!

I swear I heard God chuckle!

Long story short… I was too committed and embarrassed to quit and admit my mistake.

I struggled. Couldn’t do most of the circuits and strength exercises. I tried anyways. I don’t think the trainer ever had anyone at my obviously beginners level try his super beast mode class! Even modified, I couldn’t complete what he was instructing.

Now here I sit, unable to lift my arms, contemplating why I just can’t admit when I make a mistake.

As I was crawling towards my car I saw all the adults from the class I had intended on taking. It was at 6:45 and not 5:45.

Moral of the story: pay attention to details! Or you will end up in the super duper muscular beast mode class and end up unable to use your arms.

#StubbornAndSore #SpartanUp #Regrets

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