Instacart delivered my groceries…


I was referred by someone to try Instacart, get my groceries delivered to my home, and receive a $20 off promo code  off that order.

$20 off my grocery bill?? Sure, why not? I’ll give it a try and save $20!

I had a choice of using their website or downloading the app. I sided with the website. I clicked the referral link, created my account, and enjoyed one of my favorite hobbies:  money-sign-209x300ONLINE SHOPPINGmoney-sign-209x300


I decided that a lot of gluten free options are a little pricier  and I  used the promotion to get gluten free items. I loaded up my cart and went to checkout. Some of the items had clip-able coupons! You select it and *POOF* – coupon applied!

The promo code automatically applies to your order and they were having another promotion where if I spend $35 I got $5 off. I got $25 off my order and the coupons also deducted from my total. WOO-HOO! Saving that money!

The whole checkout process is so easy! You pick the day and time you want the delivery to happen and enter your payment information.


my-grocery-bag-clipart-1 higher prices than in-store: A markup is added to item prices to some retailers to cover the cost of the Instacart service. Prices are based on data collected in store and are subject to delays and errors.

my-grocery-bag-clipart-1Shipping Charges: some of the retailers have shipping charges if you do not meet a certain threshold. 

my-grocery-bag-clipart-1 You do no earn rewards/store points: since you are not in store to provide your store membership card, you do not earn points/rewards. Costco members also do not earn 2% executive reward on Instacart.


Instacart is a great solution for those who do NOT want to actually make a shopping trip. Convenience is everything! Why not have someone else grocery shop for me? If I send my husband to the grocery store, he comes back with 20 other things I didn’t ask for or need! When I use Instacart, I know that the Instashopper will only get what is on my list.

If you still have questions on how they work, visit their help center. I read through it all because…. I am THAT person. You know… the person that always reads instructions before they start something. Yup, that’s me!

They even have the option to gift Instacart to someone! You can purchase Gift Cards! Sounds like a great gift for a new mom! Honestly, some days I just couldn’t get it together enough to leave the house with a newborn.

If you want to try it ⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒ $20 for your first order

or use the code MRIVERA37DA0D146 at checkout.


*This Post was NOT promoted by Instacart.


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