Becoming a Food Allergy Parents Ally

Parents who have a medically complex child need support. Parents with a child with food allergies need support. We need allies. We need individuals who know what our triggers are and are patient with us.

I have anxiety. MAJOR PTSD from some reactions my daughter has had in the past. I can’t leave my daughter anywhere with anyone. I am not overreacting and telling me so just adds you to my “distrust” list.

When I let others know how I feel and make sure to let them know it’s not about them at all. It’s about us and safety.

Look… We have to distrust FOOD.

That alone screws with you. We have to distrust the food, the people that produce the food, label the food, box the food, make food, allergists that might be out of date, pediatricians who just suck. Then comes the people who think I’m an overreacting helicopter mom and dismiss me entirely.

People need to understand that our default is NOT to trust things. I won’t apologize for that. It’s how we ensure safety.

It throws me off when I can trust something because it’s honestly hard to switch on and off.

Do you want to be an ally to a food allergy family?

👍🏼Be aware of what triggers their fears.

👍🏼Discuss all the food with the parents and child.

👍🏼Let them voice concerns without judgement

👍🏼Let them ask you about all the ingredients

👍🏼Let them see the box/packaging

🛑Do NOT feed the child without the parents knowing. Even if you know 1000% that the food is safe.

Anxiety and fear can result in anger and distrust. Be an ally a food allergy family. Be a safe space for them.

For the parents of kids with food allergies.

Teach others how to become your ally. Help them help you. Let them create a safe place for your child. Don’t feel guilty for the accommodations they make. If they are doing it, it stems on the love they have for you and your child.

For those looking to educate themselves about Food allergies, check out:


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