Death Star on the 22 pin knitting machine

Our entire family LOVES Star Wars! I have been wanting to make a small Death Star for. while and the idea just kept getting pushed aside. Last night I decided that enough was enough and I sat down to make it!! You will need some basic crochet skills to make a part of it. You will need to know how to make the magic circle and single crochet.

I’m not going to make you read a 20 paragraphs before getting to the pattern (I’m looking at you Recipe Blog). 🙂 Without further ado, Death Star Pattern

Materials Needed:
22 pin knitting machine
Light Gray worsted weight yarn
White yarn or embroidery thread
Dark Gray or Black scrap yarn piece (You need a tiny amount)
Crochet Hook G/6 – 4.25 MM
Tapestry needle

MC: Magic Circle
SC: Single Crochet
INC: Increase
SL ST: Slip Stitch

1. On your 22 pin machine, cast on the light gray yarn and crank for 40 rows. Cast off.
2. Cinch both sides of the tube and fold in inside itself. Flip the tube inside out so that the tails are on the inside and tie them together. I use 2-3 knots to secure it. Trim the tails so they are only a couple inches long.
3. Use one of the tails that was cut off or grab a new piece of light gray yarn. Thread it into your tapestry needle and pick up every other loop on the folded side of the tube. This will create a drawstring effect that will allow you to cinch it closed.
4. Fill the tube with Poly-fil until its full. (Tip: I also use yarn scraps mixed in with the Poly-fil) then cinch that end shut.

You should know have a grey sphere.

For this next part you will crochet in continuous rounds. DO NOT SL ST after the first round.
1. Using the same light grey yarn you will create a MC. Singing a 4.5mm hook, you will crochet 6 SC in the MC. Pull the circle closed. (6)
2. Crochet 1 SC INC in the next 6 SC (12). SL ST closed. I prefer to use the invisible SL ST but that is entirely up to you.

Attach the small circle onto the sphere so the top of the circle is about 1/3 of the way down. I like to use a little hot glue too to secure it in place and then sew it in place.

Thread white yarn onto your tapestry needle. Embroider the details of the space station. The details cover approximately 3/4 of the sphere.

Use the dark gray/black thread to add some shadow/depth around the crocheted circle.

Make sure to tuck in all ends inside the Death Star.


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