Amigurumi Bunny

I am already thinking about Easter and Spring crafts. I usually make a bunch of cute bunnies and everyone loves them! I use plush yarn, Bernat Blanket is my favorite for cuddly plushes.

Bernat yarn is plush and tends to work up quicker than using worsted weight yarn. I am sure if you use a different type of yarn for your project, your bunny will be just as adorable. you may need to make a few alterations but HAPPY HOOKING!

I did not make up this pattern, I remember saving it into a word document many years ago but I can’t find the original anywhere!!! If you happen to know the original creator (was also a free pattern) please let me know.

Things I Need
Any plush yarn, I use bernat baby blanket yarn.
Hooks in sizes 5.5mm and 8-9 mm(for ears)
Safety eyes and nose (optional as you can embroider them instead)
Stuffing. I use Poly-Fil.
Tapestry needles for attaching parts together and weaving in ends.

SC: single Crochet
inc: Single crochet increase (2 sc in the same stitch)
dec: Decrease
sl-st: slip stitch
ch: chain

HEAD (Hook 5.5 mm):

1. 6sc in magic ring
2. 6 inc (12)
3. [1sc, inc]* repeat x6 (18)
4. [2sc, inc] * repeat x6 (24)
5. [3sc, inc] * repeat x6 (30)
6-10. [30sc] (5 rows of 30 sc)
Insert eyes between rounds 7 & 8 about 5 or 6 stitches apart
11. [3sc, dec] * repeat 6x (24)
12. [2sc, dec] * repeat 6 (16)
13. [1sc, dec] * repeat 6x (12)

Leave a long tail to sew parts together later

You can embroider the nose with some yarn or use a safety nose. For babies, I prefer to embroider.

Fill with poly-fil.


You will make one leg, set it aside then start working on the second leg, connect them, then finish the body. This is all crocheted as one piece.

We start crocheting with the legs.

1. 6sc in magic ring
2. [1sc, inc] * repeat 3x (9)
3-5. 9 sc * repeat for 3 rounds (9)

Cut the yarn and set this leg aside. Repeat steps 1-5 for the next leg but DO NOT CUT YARN.

***Once second leg is done, ch 2 and move onto step 6

6. 9 sc on the first leg, 2 sc along the ch2, 9 sc around the second leg, 2 sc on the other side of the ch2.
7. 9sc, inc, sc, inc, 10 sc
8-12. 24 sc around (5 rounds total)

Begin to fill the legs with poly-fil.

13. [2sc, dec] * repeat 6x (18)
14-15. 18 sc (2 rounds)
16. 4sc, dec, [3sc, dec]*repeat 2x, 2sc (15)
17. 4sc, dec, [2sc, dec]*repeat 2x, 1sc (12)
sl st

Finish filling the body


1. 8sc in magic ring
2-8. 8sc (7 rounds)

9. Only fill arms about 1/3 of the way then SC the top shut (4 sc)
Leave a long tail for attaching to body


EARS ( use larger 8-9 mm hook) MAKE 2

1. 7sc in magic ring
2. 7 inc (14)
3. 14 sc (14)
4. [inc, 6sc] * repeat 2x (16)
5-6. 16 sc
7. [1dec, 6sc]* repeat 2x (14)
8. 14sc
9. [1 dec, 5 sc]* repeat 2x (12)
10-11. 12 sc
12. [1dec, 4 sc]*repeat 2x (10)
13-14. 10 sc
15. [1dec, 3sc]*repeat 2x
Fold ears flat and sc across the top (4sc) leave long tail

TAIL 8-9 mm hook

1. 6 sc in magic ring
2. [inc, 2sc]* repeat 2x (8)
3. [1 dec, 2sc]* repeat 2x (6)
sl st. Leave long tail for attaching to body.

Attach to body about 5 rounds away from the crotch area. Picture where the booty should be.


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